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Our Conservatories

Windsor Conservatories

Choosing the right conservatories supplier to design and build your conservatory is as important a decision as choosing the conservatory itself.

Draw on our experience to help you get your perfect conservatory, with each of our conservatories manufactured to match our customers’ individual requirements.

A conservatory will enhance your properties appearance, along with the functions of your home.
The majority of our conservatories are built to be used every day of the year, and provide a light and pleasant place to relax or entertain.

Available in white, a choice of wood grain finishes or a combination of white and wood grain, with the option of sculptured or bevelled sashes and glazing beads.

Download the Conservatories Northampton Brouchure

Typical Styles


The Victorian style has a faceted projection which gives a distinct and interesting look to your conservatory. Available in 3 and 5 faceted version, a Victorian style conservatory extends gently into any garden space.


The Edwardian style has a square fronted projection which maximises the available space in your new conservatory. Capturing the elegant and dignified simplicity of the Edwardian architectural style, this type of conservatory is often the most appropriate way to extend your home.


A Gable Ended conservatory’s projection end in the same way as a the gale end of a house, going straight up  at the front to meet the ridge of the roof at the top. This is a wonderfully simple style with an elegance all of its own.


Lean-to conservatories often run in straight lines along the back of a house. The ends of the Lean-to can be finished vertically or with either one or two hips (slopes) at the ends. Both these types of conservatories maximise the available space created.

Equinox Tiled Roof System

Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. But as the seasons roll by, changing temperatures can make it uncomfortable to be in. The Equinox tiled roof id the perfect solution. Combining high-quality precision engineering and attractive styling inside and out, you’ll be adding valuable usable space to your home without the high cost of building an extension. It all goes to make the Equinox tiled rood the best value way to improve your lifestyle. Download the Equinox Tiled Roof System Brochure